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24. Spike-Proteine


Bobby Rajesh Malhotra spricht mit Kevin McKernan über Spike Proteine

Bobby Rajesh Malhotra ist multidisziplinärer, digitaler Künstler

Kevin McKernan ist Gründer Medicinal Genomics

Abstract Kevin McKernan
Fear corrupts science and ultimately public policy and induces amnesia. Fear was used to justify shady peer review on the SARs-CoV-2 first qPCR assay. Fear has been used throughout the pandemic to dissolve constitutional rights and civil liberties. It’s important to recognize everywhere it is used from the nomenclature of the Spike protein to the scariant-parade on constant broadcast, to the demonization of generic drugs, the Spike is the ultimate symbol of fear. Fear has centralized decision making into one size fits all solutions to a complicated pandemic. Excessive focus on spike protein exclusive vaccination programs is leading to escape variants like Delta and Lambda variants, one of the many consequences of the narrow minded Spike Industries. It is time to take a broader view.


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